Residential Treatment for Alcohol and Drug Addiction
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Addictions UK focuses on providing the very best home-based addictions recovery programmes, carefully tailored to each individual’s needs. For some, however, a period of residential treatment boosts and speeds the recovery process, especially at the start. We work closely with a number of specialist partners from whom we can select the one with the right expertise to match a client’s requirements.

We work with a range of residential providers throughout the United Kingdom, who deliver various therapeutic services. Some offer highly structured therapeutic intervention while others guide you in your own selection of holistic treatments. Some providers have continuous residential programmes stretching over weeks or months.

Residential Detox

A range of residential detox services is available for those for whom Home Detox is not suitable.

Extended Residential Treatment

Providers offer a number of weekly and monthly residential treatment options and will be able to select and arrange whichever programme best suits your needs.

Week-end Residential Treatment

The effectiveness of on-going home-based addictions recovery can be enhanced by week-end residential treatment. Combining residential and home-based treatments in this way provides an effective and affordable option.

Continuing Treatment

As well as short-term treatment, some providers offer extended secondary care facilities where residents continue treatment while adjusting to normal work, education or training.


Accommodation is available in a variety of locations and varies from five star luxury to homely comfort to suit your preference and your budget. As well as centres in the UK, some of our providers abroad offer additional interests and activities as well as effective recovery treatments. For example, Addictions UK is currently helping to establish a luxury treatment centre in southern India.

Training for Continuing Recovery

In addition to complete residential treatments, some of our partners also offer short courses and other training on stress management, appropriate nutrition, a variety of medical problems and other issues around addiction.