Helping employees with addictions

Issues that relate to alcohol cost employers with 200 staff around £38,000 through absence and performance issues according to psychiatrist Dr Adam Winstock referring to figures from the Global Drugs Survey.

Employers are facing bigger bills especially in Employment Tribunals if they have a lack of clarity or unclear and contradictory policies.

Speaking at the Synergy health Drugs at Work Conference in Surrey a specialist lawyer, Rhian Brace said that Judges take this issue very seriously when considering unfair dismissal claims.

Simon Stephens, Director of Case Work at Addictions UK agreed and confirmed that this is a major problem for a significant number of his clients. He said “we welcome clear policies on drug and alcohol issues in the work place – happily many responsible employers have co-operated with us to treat their employees – others have often had non-existent policies which lead to major problems for all parties”

Addictions UK offers a range of services to help employers to deal with these challenges.

Dr Adam Winstock said “Employers have a duty of care for their staff and for the wider community. We find a lot of employers want strong drug and alcohol policies not just to reduce costs and workplace accidents but out of a sense of responsibility for their staff”.

Addictions UK receives referrals from HR Departments and Lawyers from all parts of the United Kingdom relating to home-based treatment for alcohol and drug addictions.

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Don’t worry about being the best – being better is an achievement

Celebrate Each Victory, However Small – We are bombarded with claims that only the best is any good. You’ve heard them all … “Coming second is first of the losers” … “Either you are first or you are nowhere” … and so on.

It’s all vanity and arrogance.

If a junior doctor saves my life, I don’t care if he was top of his class.

If you make a real improvement in your life or a real contribution to the good of others, then it is those who cannot value it that deserve scorn, not you.

It is especially important for those who are in recovery to gain strength and satisfaction from what they achieve. Your life may not move forward as fast as you would like. You may have setbacks. But anyone who makes any progress at anything should feel good about it.

It’s really important to have goals and to aim for the best all the time. But it’s equally important that those goals are realistic and that we value every successful step toward them, even when the steps are small or others leap further.

Many of the world’s famous leaders have paid too high a price for their success and often what they spent was the lives and happiness of others. Often it brought them little contentment, only the desperation to find “new worlds to conquer”.

Humanity survives not because a few are best but because the many do some good.

Please contact us now if you need help with recovery from any addiction and especially if you are seeking home-based treatment.
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