Everyone is admired by someone

illustrationIt’s a humbling Thought that people might look up to us.

In fact almost always someone does admire you – whoever you are and whatever you have done.

It’s a wonderful but painful fact that the children of parents addicted to drugs or alcohol still love them and turn to them for advice and guidance and support.

The people you work with know your limitations (even if you have managed to conceal the reasons). But they still admire and respect your qualities and achievements.

Less obviously, in any group of similar people there is are leaders and followers and even those who are not at the top find people turning to them from time to time. All this is as true of a community of addicts, cut off from much of society as it is of a first-class football team – and many of those have embraced talented and admired addicts.

Whoever you are and whatever your condition there are certainly some who look up to you. For those coming to terms with addiction, that realisation is a two-edged sword. The knowledge that you are not all that people want you to be is certainly a burden but the understanding that you have never lost the chance to inspire and bring on others can encourage and lift you too.

No-one should ever seek out failure but when people realise that you are not perfect then your good qualities seem more real. They can be the more inspired by understanding that you are not so different, that you have problems and face challenges just as they do. And because you and they are not so different, they know they too can achieve whatever it is they admire in you.

And take a moment to turn this around. There are people in your life, in your present and in your past, who you admired and respected. Whatever you Thought, actually they weren’t perfect either. At least some of what they achieved is still within your grasp too.

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A complete programme throughout ongoing recovery

Who cares? Well, actually, we do. Addictions UK exists to care about and help people who are trying to deal with drug addiction, alcohol addiction or any other substance or process which is taking over their lives and making them unmanageable. We care too about the families and friends of addicts and have support to offer them.

But we are surely not alone. Whoever you are and whatever your problems, there are almost always people who care about you. Maybe you owe it to them as well as to yourself to recognise their concern and to respond it.

When you are “down”, whether from the effects of addiction or for any other reason, it’s easy for self-pity to take over and part of that can be the conviction that nobody cares about you. Those feelings are understandable but not acceptable. Whatever you may think, you do matter to people and you need to be open to the help they are ready to offer you.

For a very few, however, isolation is very real and undeniable. But as part of a programme of supported recovery there are new friends and guides ready to accept you and help you. They even understand that it may be hard for you to reach out and accept their help.

So don’t be too dismissive and shrug your shoulders and say “who cares?” and slink away. We care, others care and, if you are willing, we can help you gain confidence and focus more on others so that you care about them.

Please contact us now if you need help with recovery from any addiction and especially if you are seeking home-based treatment.

Escaping from denial

One of the biggest challenges for addicts (and for many other people too) is escaping from denial. We keep telling ourselves that everything is OK, there’s really no problem at all or, if there is, then it’s manageable.

“Risk Assessment” has become a cliché, often laughed off and shrugged aside along with the rest of the “health and safety” jargon.

Trouble is, there really are all sorts of dangers in life and there’s a lot to be said for anticipating them and developing strategies to avoid or cope. The trouble is it’s all too easy to minimise the dangers and maximise the difficulty of dealing with them. Only when the house is on fire does insurance look affordable after all.

That charging bull makes leaping that fence look a lot less impossible!

The first step to solving any problem is to face the fact that it exists. Maybe the crisis of “rock bottom” is the charging bull that makes it obvious just how much danger you are in. Maybe you are one of the lucky ones, able to admit there is a problem before it has started to overwhelm you. Either way Addictions UK has the experienced staff to help you confront the issues and start to tackle them. And with home-based addicition treatment, the obstacles you have to climb over may be a lot less daunting than you fear.

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