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Simon Stephens, Director of Case Work at, contributes to the debate on whether there is merit in setting up legally-sanctioned “shooting rooms”.

Season’s Greetings

illustrationIt’s Christmas Day.

You may believe in God and that he entered this world at Bethlehem to experience humanity and redeem it.

Even those who don’t can usually embrace the messages of peace and hope that surround this season.

Those addicted to alcohol or drugs or anything else long for peace in their lives. And it is possible to find it through making a new start on the path to recovery.

Those on that road already can affirm that there is hope. It may be fragile at times, it can sometimes become hidden, but we soon realise it is never lost and things can be good again.

Christmas is the “Season of Goodwill”. Through hope and your efforts, good will come to you.

For you and your family and friends may this be a Happy Christmas.

Thought: ‘It doesn’t have to be a new idea to be worth trying.’

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illustrationThe challenges you face may be new to you but they are rarely new to mankind.

Especially when it comes to alcohol addiction, drug addiction or other addictions, the experiences different people have usually have a lot in common. And so there are tried and tested ways to face the problems of addiction and find a successful path through recovery.

At Addictions UK we are convinced that abstinence from addiction and following the Twelve Steps is the best way.

Now, of course, while the problems and challenges may be similar, each person is completely different. A programme for recovery needs to be tailor made for each individual, depending on their lifestyle, circumstances, family and social environment and many other factors.

Any good programme for recovery will focus on the needs of the individual and be client-centred.

One thing that is different at Addictions UK is our focus on home-based treatment. Wherever it’s possible and best for the client, we provide the resources and support to enable recovery while you remain at work and surrounded by the people you normally rely on for encouragement and help.

Even home-based detox is available for all those for whom it offers a the best start to recovery although, sometimes, residential treatment really does offer a better choice.

The tried and tested ways to recovery are the best and Addictions UK can offer them and help you make the most of them.

Please contact us now if you need help with recovery from any addiction.

Charity is for every season of the year
Christmas Collection

As Christmas approaches, attention focuses again on the needy. The Christian nativity story tells of a young couple with nowhere to safe to stay as the time for a baby’s birth draws near. It tells of an innkeeper’s small but invaluable gesture and of joy in difficult times. It recounts the willingness of strangers to visit with support and of unexpected gifts from the wealthy.

Whatever your religious views and whatever your convictions about the realities and relevance of that birth, the story is inspirational. And each year it encourages vast numbers of people to be generous to those in need.

It is, in some respects, a cliché to observe that the “Christmas spirit” is short-lived and fades fast as the challenges of a new year grab the attention.

Many who read this blog are addicts themselves and more are friends or relatives of those in need of and engaged in recovery. They all understand the ongoing need for support and practical help. Taking life a day at a time covers many, many days beyond the few set aside for festivities.

All of us would probably accept that a good New Year Resolution would be to try to remain mindful of those in need and to continue to offer generous support long after Christmas is just a memory. Many have no choice; they will never be able to ignore the needs of friends and loved ones in recovery which confront them every day.

But here is an idea. In whatever diary or calendar you keep in your pocket or on your computer or smartphone, make a note of one or two acts of generosity which you have offered during this festive season. And tie that note to some random day later in the year. And resolve on that day, be it a sunny and sweltering moment in a summer heatwave or a wet Wednesday in autumn, to remember and repeat your Yuletide charity.

Kindness is not just for Christmas.

Please contact Addictions UK now if you need help with recovery from any addiction and especially if you are seeking home-based treatment.