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Addictions UK is proud to have a higher success rate than many other addiction treatment programmes.

What Kind of Addictions are Treated by Addictions UK?

Addictions UK offers treatment for a wide range of addictions, including drugs, alcohol, as well as less common addictions such as pornography.

Can the ingredients in drinks be the cause of some cravings?

illustrationAddictions UK has received an article about food allergies and the alcoholic.

The ideas it puts forward about the roots of the illness are different from those many of us hold, even if we do believe diet plays a role in recovery.

The article would seem to go a good deal further, suggesting that some alcoholics can be allergic to the base product the alcohol is brewed from and this can manifest itself in a craving.

We would be very interested to hear the views of others. We really cannot see this leading to an alternative treatment but there are some elements that may help some who find it difficult to abstain. Please let us know what you think.

We are grateful to Demons in the Dark for the link to the article which you can find at

Addictions UK  is the leading provider of home-based addiction treatment in the UK. Contact us on line or by telephoning 0845 4567 030

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Addictions UK offers a home-based detox service. This Video will explain what you can expect.

£2 Billion spent on hospital admissions in England alone

illustrationAlcohol related illness rates among older people are ten times higher than among 16-24 year olds.

More NHS money is spent treating alcohol-related illness in baby boomers than young people, an Alcohol Concern report found. The cost of hospital admissions linked to heavy drinking among 55 to 74 year olds in 2010-11 was more than £825m. That was 10 times the figure for 16 to 24 year olds. In total, nearly £2bn was spent on alcohol-related in-patient admissions in England, the report found.

This comes as more than 10 million people in England are drinking above the recommended levels, according to the report.

In many ways the findings are not surprising as the effects of drinking are more likely to catch up with people later in life.

There has also been an increase in older people seeking help from Addictions UK. Simon Stephens said, “We have noticed an increase in the numbers of over 55s seeking help with addiction treatment – especially for alcohol”.

The BBC have covered this issue in their website – for further information please see:

It is often much harder for older people or those clients with physical disabilities to access addictions treatment – hence the reason wh Addictions UK has developed an addictions treatment for alcohol and drugs “at home” – including Home Detox services.

For further information on this subject please contact us on line or telephone us on 0845 4567 030

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How do you know if you’re an addict? Ask yourself these questions.


Addictions Treatment works over the telephone just as well as meeting up

illustrationPhoning a Friend or Counsellor or Therapist is just as good as Face-to-Face meetings, according to Cambridge University Department of Psychiatry.

Professor Peter Jones says  “Providing Therapy over the telephone will not only help individuals gain much needed access to mental health treatment, it will provide a more cost-effective way of providing these services.”

The university looked at a sample of 5,500 people who had “talking cures” therapy.

Phone-based treatment was cheaper – £79 per session for telephone counselling compared with £117 per session for Face-to-Face contacts.

Addictions UK charges £30 per session for this service.

Simon Stephens, Addictions UK Director of Case Work, said, “We are really pleased to note these findings – we have been providing this kind of treatment for nine years and at last our methodologies are gaining some recognition.”

Peter J – a Service User and client of Addictions UK said: “As a busy professional who was leading a totally unmanageable lifestyle due to my drinking, I found telephone treatment both effective and very convenient.  I felt totally reassured and I have learned to abstain from drinking.  I was pleased that the services were totally confidential and very effective.”

For further information about telephone-based addictions treatment contact Simon Stephens at Addictions UK on 0845 4567 030 or have a look at the web page about our services.

Important Meeting in Newcastle about Social Enterprise in the North East of England

illustrationAddictions UK, a North East based Social Enterprise, supports this initiative and we would like to share details of a forthcoming

Conference on Social Enterprise

to be organised by UnLtd Connect and the RSA

Wednesday 31st October 2012  –  3.00pm – 5.00pm

School of Design,
Northumbria University,
City Campus East, Newcastle, NE1 8ST

UnLtd Connect and the RSA invite you to an inspiring afternoon of networking, to find out more about Social Enterprise, one of the fastest growing trends in society today. The afternoon will bring together social entrepreneurs, RSA Fellows and UnLtd business volunteers to share stories, experience and expertise, and gain a greater understanding of what social enterprise is all about.

One of the biggest challenges facing social entrepreneurs is the tension of Social and Enterprise. How do you balance commercial success with social ambition?

This afternoon will be an opportunity to explore this challenge through discussions and presentations, and will include:  presentations, Networking, Support and Strategic Development.  Other similar Regional Conferences have received “rave reviews”

The afternoon is part of a wider series of networking events across the UK, the next ones taking place in Belfast and Bristol.

UnLtd, the Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs is a national charity which supports individuals with vision, drive, commitment and passion who want to change the world for the better.  We are a unique and dynamic organisation, supporting around 1,000 social entrepreneurs each year through tailored business and financial support.

The RSA is an enlightenment organisation committed to finding innovative practical solutions to today’s social challenges. Through its ideas, research and 27,000-strong Fellowship it seeks to understand and enhance human capability so we can close the gap between today’s reality and people’s hopes for a better world.

For more information please email Vik Banks,

Addictions UK is grateful to UnLtd for all the start up help that they offered us in 2003/4.  We still have close contact with UnLtd and cannot thank them enough for helping so many organisations to become established throughout the United Kingdom.  For further information on the work of Addictions UK please browse our website or call 0845 4567 030

We would appreciate it if those in the North East of England could pass on this information.

Congratulations to the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy

The BACP has just announced an addition to the Ethical Guidelines which govern Addictions UK and many similar originations. The Statement of Ethical Practice makes clear that so called “reparative” or “conversion” therapy in respect of sexual orientation is not acceptable. It reaffirms that homosexuality is not a mental disorder and that attempts to “treat” homosexuality have no medical indication and represent a severe threat to the health and human rights of the affected person.

At Addictions UK we totally support this this amendment to the Ethical Guidelines , which we believe to be long overdue. We are totally committed to socially inclusive, non-judgemental attitudes to people who identify across the diverse range of human sexualities. We believe this approach has positive consequences for those individuals as well as for the wider society in which they live. There is no scientific, rational or ethical reason to treat people who identify within a range of human sexualities any differently from those who identify as hetrosexual.

Once again, our congratulations to the BACP. Well done.

To find out more about our positive approach to addictions recovery at home and all our other services call 0845 4567 030 or contact us on line.