Pets can be theraputic and you don’t need to leave them behind when you start treatment.

illustrationWe love our dogs and cats.

A significant number of people needing to deal with Drug, Alcohol and other Addictions say they simply cannot leave their pets and move away from home to begin treatment. Of all the countless reasons (and excuses) why people reject the opportunity to attend a residential rehab, the commitment to care for pets heads the list.

At Addictions UK we can understand the emotional pressures on pet owners. The writer of this blog has several rescue dogs living with him!

The company of pets can be very therapeutic. We know their love is unconditional and they know our innermost secrets – because many of us talk to them all through the day!  It is a good way to unburden ourselves of the day’s problems! It is a positive aim “to be the person my animals think I am”. Though it is easy to forget the wise quotation from Kipling … “Brothers and Sisters I bid you beware … Of giving your heart for a dog to tear.”

But you don’t need to worry about leaving your pets when you begin treatment for your addiction.

Addictions UK offers specialised addictions treatment at home, including medical detox, and we can provide 24/7 affordable, confidential and effective treatment without the need for you to leave your pets behind. We also support families and friends through this process.

Addictions UK is sponsoring a fun dog show in “The Doghouse” at Seaham, County Durham, on 16th June starting at 10am. – and we are looking forward to a thoroughly enjoyable day that will raise much needed funds for a Regional Dog Rescue Charity. Please come along if you can. For more details see the show’s Facebook Events Page ».

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Addictions Agencies set for expansion – seeking Partners and Staff

illustrationBoth Addictions UK and Addictions North East are busier than ever.  We are seeking applications from Addictions Specialists, including Counsellors and Therapists, to join our staff panel within the United Kingdom.

Addictions UK and Counselling North are seeking to expand their Partner and Staff Base – For Details see:

Addictions North East – a Registered Charity based in the North East Region is also developing projects – For details see:

Addictions UK and Counselling North are Social Enterprises and Social Firms which seek to employ people with experience of active addiction but who have been abstinent for over five years from their addictive behaviour.  We are increasing the number of projects and need to expand our team of trained associates.

Please send CVs via the respective websites as above or to or telephone 0845 4567 030

All the above mentioned organisations are fully committed to Recovery and particularly would like to work more closely with projects promoting Recovery.

Please contact us if you are keen to join a growing organisation with innovative ideas working in your Community

Alcohol is third leading cause of death in men aged 15 to 59

illustrationAn article written by John F Kelly and Julie Yeterian in this month’s “Addiction Today” highlights some shocking statistics.

The article, titled “Empirical awaken: The New Science on Mutual Help – and Cost Control”, shows the pivotal role groups such as AA and NA can play in recovery and how, finally, these self-help groups are moving centre stage in addiction treatment.  Addictions UK believes that when self-help groups are coupled with professional 12 Step Facilitation Recovery, outcomes improve dramatically.

None of this suprises us; since our inception we have encouraged all our clients to attend such meetings. Of course, not all people feel they want to participate in group sessions. Some have come to believe that AA/NA are religious groups, which of course is not true. We gently work through these concerns with our clients until they feel strong enough to try a group and find out for themselves.

We do, however, believe that this must be the client’s own choice – we never pressure any one to do something with which they are uncomfortable.

The fifty-two research references that were used for the article can be found at

Addictions UK is the leading provider of addictions treatment at home including medical detox and can be contacted on line or by telephoning us on 0845 4567 030

Free Counselling & Addictions Treatment

Do you need help and live in County Durham?

We attach to this blog details of a new scheme we are supporting in parts of County Durham in conjunction with Addictions North East – a regional charitable organisation serving the Area from Berwick down to Teesside who have secured funding.

Their schemes will be mostly offered in rural areas and will be home-based treatment concentrating on “well-being” issues.

In East Durham funding has been obtained from the LEADER programme funded through DEFRA and The European Agricultural Fund.

Yesterday we were guests of Upper Teesdale Agricultural Support Services (UTASS) and we visited a farm in the heart of Upper Teesdale. The remoteness of those hillside communities confirmed how difficult it is to be cut off from near neighbours and underlined how difficult accessing services is – especially for people with addiction problems.

Please contact us if we can provide further information – either by telephone (0845 4567 030) or by e-mail direct to Addictions North East – or via their web site: