Our Policy on Referral Agents in the UK

Beware when choosing your own Addictions Treatment from Referral Agents.


Addictions UK is pleased to receive referrals for our Home-based Addictions Treatment from other agencies. If some of these Agencies expend money on working with their clients by providing professional services then we have no problem in reimbursing them for their reasonable costs. We do have major problems allowing referral agents to sell on our services at higher prices – and we will not permit this to happen. We do not use referral agents that have no on-going relationship with clients. There must be continuing support.

Our services are designed to be affordable, effective and confidential – and it would totally defeat our objective if we allowed, for example, other agencies to sell on our particular services at a big profit to themselves.

Addictions UK is a Social Enterprise – our main objective is to practice addictions treatment at home – including Relapse Prevention – and to be accountable to the user for the quality of service that we offer.

We offer competitive rates for home-based medical detox (alcohol detox and drug detox) – why would we want to permit others to use our practitioners and to double our price?

Likewise if we recommend clients to residential treatment we will not demand extortionate commissions.  Not everyone is suitable for Addictions Treatment at Home – hence the need to suggest Residential Treatment to some of those people who request our help and treatment.

So, be careful when practitioners offer you help – some are highly ethical and are in recovery themselves – others are running a business – which they are perfectly entitled to do – and have very little to offer other than signposting a rehab that often pays the highest levels of commission – a practice that is illegal in the USA.

We commend the article on Referral Agents published by one of the major Addictions Hospitals in the UK – Castle Craig – situated near Peebles in Scotland. Please read what they have to say.

Addictions UK is a specialist agency offering addictions treatment at home – for further details contact us on 0845 4567 030 or contact us on line

Fascinating Video about the role of dopamine in creating cravings to which we cannot say ‘no’.

We found a fascinating Video by Dr. Nora Volkow which explains the role dopamine has in creating a craving for a drug of choice. As we all know “craving” is the core reason why we simply don’t just stop “taking our poison”.

You can see the Video on the Big Think web site.


Many people see addiction as being about “self-will” to overcome the desire to indulge in addictive behaviour.  This Video goes some way to explain why life cannot be as simple as being stronger in saying no.

Addictions UK is a leading provider of Addictions Treatment at home – if you require any more information on the content of this Video or anything to do with Addiction problems please contact us or telephone 0945 4567 030

Shoplifting – a Hidden Addiction: heavy news coverage after a celebrity convicted of shoplifting offence in the UK

Addictions UK receives many calls from desperate people asking us for help with addictive problems relating to their shoplifting.  There is a clear difference between those who shoplift because of their pathological dependency – as opposed to those who steal to fund their other addictions – such as finding money for their drink or drug habits.

It is not uncommon for people to have pathological dependence in relation to such addictive behaviours.  The thrill of stealing in this way has no relation to financial need.  It is the excitemnt that is obtained from the activity that causes this behaviour.

The “ups and downs” of the addiction are similar to other more recognised conditions.

Earlier this week Simon Stephens, Addictions UK Director of Case-Work was interviewed about this problem on BBC Three Counties Radio.  Addictions UK has a policy whereby we never comment on any individual – for us, Addiction issues are all about principles – not personalities.

The BBC has uncovered a huge increase in elderly people who have alcohol dependency problems and who need to access treatment.

The BBC Inside Story has featured evidence of a very large rise in the number of elderly people being treated for drinking problems in London.

The figures compiled for BBC reveal that, over the past 10 years, there has been a 163% increase in alcohol-related hospital admissions for the over 65s.

They claim that the rate is rising faster for the over 65s than any other age group in the UK, and only North-East England has a higher rate of these admissions than London.

Addictions UK, specialise in treating those people who cannot traditionally access residential treatment or day care, and we have noticed a similar trend.

Simon Stephens, Director of Case Work at Addictions Uk said “I am not surprised by these findings – the biggest growth area for Addictions UK last year was among the elderly, housebound and disabled.”

Addictions Treatment at Home – especially for alcohol dependency is an affordable, effective therapy for those people who do not want to put their lives on hold and want to find recovery from with their own homes.

For further information about these services – or if you know of anyone who fits into this category please  contact us on line or telephone 0945 4567 030.

For further information on this BBC Programme please see: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-16439991

BBC News article discusses the need to alert young people to the affects of excessive drinking on the decisions they make.

AUK takes no moral stance on drinking alcohol. For many it is simple pleasure to be enjoyed and shared. But everyone recognises that, as with many other things, excesses can lead to dangers and problems.

For example, the extent to which alcohol can affect the decisions young people make about their sexual behaviour is highlighted in a recent BBC News article.

We do, though, have a strong position when, for some people, the need for alcohol comes to dominate and ruin their lives; and that position is that we are here to help.

We don’t judge, let alone condemn – we simply apply all our experience and understanding to help addicts on the path to recovery and to support their families and friends.

If you or someone close to you needs our help then please contact us using the form on our website or by telephoning 0845 4567 030

The British Liver Trust attacks ‘one off’ Detoxes after Christmas Festivities

Addictions UK agrees with the British Liver Trust that arranging one-off Detox Treatment is pointless if it is not part of a responsible and planned treatment programme.  To stop drinking is relatively easy – remaining abstinent is much harder.  That is why Addictions UK specialises in offering Alcohol Addiction Treatment at Home – a carefully designed “joined-up” treatment regime that deals with both the medical issues and pathological dependence of the client.

Simon Stephens, Director of Case Work at Addictions UK said “I agree with the British Liver Trust – to change drugs from Alcohol to another is pointless if it allows only a few days respite from alcohol.  This just causes more problems in the long term”.

Readers may be interested in the BBC News Feature on this issue – please see: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-16354472.

He added “After-Christmas resolutions are meaningless if they do not lead to life changing decisions. By all means make your decisions on a day by day basis – but please do not bother arranging Detoxes when on-going treatment is not available.”

The NHS spends considerable resources on Detoxes whilst failing to put in place appropriate addictions treatment for after the medical intervention.

Addictions UK offers Home-based Addictions Treatment where Alcohol and Drug related Detoxes can be undertaken at home, subject to careful assessment.  For further information fill-in our website form or telephone 0845 4567 030