YouTube is hosting new Addiction UK Videos – launched today!
Addictions UK has launched new Videos publicising various aspects of Addictions. We will be writing blogs about each of them over the next few weeks and months but we Thought it was important that we shared the new list with readers now.

There is a full list below.

The Videos are being hosted by YouTube. If you would like to receive further information on any more new Videos please subscribe to our YouTube Channel or send an e-mail to

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Addiction – A Family Illness
Why Does Recovery Take So Long?
Is Computer Addiction Real?
The Power of Denial
Addiction – What is After Care?
Why Do I Need to Detox?
Addiction – How Long Does Recovery Take?
Anger and Addiction
Addiction Helpline from Addictions UK
Addiction in the Workplace
Pornography Addiction
Addiction and the Serenity Prayer
Addicted to Sex or Love
Are Addicts Powerless?
Addicts Want to Want to Change
Addiction – The Danger of Relapse
HALT – Addiction Triggers
Finding an Addiction Support Group
Is Addiction a Disease?
Residential Addiction Recovery
Addiction – A Chronic Illness
Addicted to Prescription Drugs
Who Helps the Families of Addicts?
Abuser or Dependent?
Addiction – Will I Ever Laugh Again?
Addiction – What Will I Do After I Quit?
Addiction – Am I Different?
Addiction – Does it Have to be This Way?
Addiction – Who Will Help Me?
Addiction – Can I Recover?