The Concordat Watchdog to expose poor commissioning.

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The Concordat Watchdog is officially launching on 14 September in the House of Commons. The event is being hosted by Amber Rudd MP. Deirdre Boyd and the Rt Hon Lord Mancroft will speak at the event.

The government’s drive to get addicts off drugs to reduce related crime, benefit dependency and the burden on the NHS, is at risk of being strangled at birth by poor commissioning, according to the Concordat expert group of over 40 UK drug-free rehab providers. It is launching the watchdog to police the decisions of local drug and alcohol commissioners to check they are using public funds in line with government policy and regulations and highlight failings.

The ‘Concordat’ of residential rehab providers decided to take the dramatic step of launching the watchdog as evidence mounts that commissioners around the country are going against government policy and underinvesting in abstinence-based recovery, the goal of government.


Serious recognition of the need for best-practice commissioning is demonstrated in the agreement between the Concordat Watchdog and the National Treatment Agency on Substance Misuse to work complementarily on specific commissioning issues/areas. NTA programme manager Jez Stannard has written that he is keen to talk about “how we can work together to make best use of the intelligence that is gathered as part of the Concordat Watchdog”.

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The coalition government set out a clear policy in its Drug Strategy last year to reform the drug treatment system to reduce bureaucracy and prioritise abstinence based recovery to help people overcome substance dependency, rather than continuing to support the maintenance of addiction via treatments such as prescribing methadone. However, implementation of the strategy depends on the commissioning decisions of NHS and Local Authority budget holders around the country, and there are signs that many of them are going against the agreed policy.

Prime Minister David Cameron said this summer that: ‘Drugs policy has been a failure over recent years… We have spent too much time on heroin replacement and methadone rather than on trying to get people clean and clear up all the things in their lives that perhaps cause them to take drugs in the first place’. The Concordat Watchdog’s ambition is to help support exactly that aim.


Share the news and make your views known about The Concordat of Recovery Agencies new website.

The Concordat of Recovery Agencies has launched its website at

This will be improved over the next few weeks – but it is now LIVE … have a look at the site when you can.

The organisers have requested Concordat members and other interested parties to make suggestions for any changes etc.

Addictions UK as a full member of the Concordat and wishes to express its gratitude to Deidre Boyd for all her hard work. At last people are taking notice.

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Recovery Agencies are now working more closely together – If you are involved in this kind of work and you are not involved in the Concordat please contact them ASAP or write to or fill-in our contact form and we will pass on your message. You can also telephone us on 0845 4567 030.

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Our Head of Casework gains accreditation from the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy

Addictions Treatment staff members at Addictions UK Home-based Addictions Treatment are all qualified counsellors having gained recognised qualifications. Our staff members have a great mixture of academic learning and practical experience of drug and alcohol problems. We only employ staff members who have practical experience of suffering from the illness of alcoholism or drug addiction (or both)… they must be at least five years clean and sober too!

So, Congratulations to Simon, our Head of Casework, who has just been recognised by the BACP as an accredited Counsellor. He is now actively working on his next qualification!

The reason why we require staff to train as counsellors/coaches AND have experience of addiction is that they can identify and share experiences with our clients. People who were “once the problem ” … “can now be the solution” – hence the reason why Addictions UK is a full member of Social Firms UK. It is often said by our clients that it is hard to “kid a kidder!”

Addictions UK offers confidential, effective and affordable Addictions Treatment to clients including Medical Detox services. Please contact us on line or telephone 0845 4567 030 for further information.

Successful Training Conference in West Midlands

For the first time in the UK, Dr. Cardwell C. Nuckols , MA, Ph.D. has addressed a 3 day conference speaking on a wide range of issues concerning the disease of addiction.

The conference focused on natural rehabilitation, addressing the enormous range of physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual and social aspects of Stress Disorders.

Learning to live and think outside the box of preconceived limitations opens the heart and mind to healing and extraordinary experiences

Simon Stephens. Addictions UK’s Head of Case Work attended the conference. He said “I have enjoyed this conference – in particular the interesting blend of science and practical experience of treatment models.”

Dr. Cardwell C. Nuckols , MA, Ph.D.

Dr. Cardwell C. Nuckols’s passion and mission is to integrate emerging scientific research with traditional spiritual and self-help knowledge.

From this integration comes knowledge, inspiration and techniques helpful to those whose practice helps alcoholics, addicts and other mental health patients find healing and their own personal road to recovery.Dr Nuckols is an international recognized expert in behavioural medicine and addiction treatment. A clinical and development consultant for over thirty years, Dr Nuckols is widely published with more than 50 journal articles, 28 books and workbooks, 24 DVDs, CDs and Videos, and a series of 17 audiotapes.

He served as a trainer and consultant to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), federal court systems, and branches of the armed forces specializing in the areas of anti-sociality, violence, and trauma.

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