More evidence on “invisible addicts” – The Elderly.

The First Report of the Older Persons’ Substance Misuse Working Group of the Royal College of Psychiatrists Report CR165 was published in June 2011. It records serious problems in this “hidden group” of clients. Addictions UK has been specialising in working with over 50s since our inception. This report highlights many of the exceptional problems of this particular client group.

We commend The College of Psychiatrists report as a good read. Clearly it is important to improve delivery of addiction treatment services to the Elderly (and other similar groups like the housebound and disabled persons). Residential treatment and day care services are not suitable for everyone and home-based addictions treatment can be more suitable in many cases where we have offered our treatment services.

For full details of the report please see:

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Addictions UK welcomes the launch of the Concordat Graduates website.
The Concordat Graduates are a group of people in recovery that have benefitted from various rehab projects both here in the UK and abroad. Their new website, which has all the facilities of WordPress, can be found at

Graduates of the Addictions Treatment Programme offered by Addictions UK are joining this organisation and will be supporting their campaign to publicise the effectiveness of addictions treatment using an abstinence model.

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Home Detox can also be offered as part of an integrated addictions treatment programme.

Former service users from UK rehab projects launch their own Social Networking website.

A group of former service users from rehab projects around the United Kingdom have formed themselves into a constituted organisation. The aim of the group is to publicise the success of Recovery through abstinence based rehab services. The group are launching their own social network site – please see They recommend that new members log on and register.The Graduate Group plans to carry out the following actions:


  1. Formulation of standard letter for members to send new graduates.
  2. Formulation of letter to send GPs etc. publicising the organisation.
  3. Delivery of National, Regional and local structure including the appointment of key local officers and their responsibilities.


  1. Appointment of local and regional representatives as per structure.
  2. Collecting and sending letters to MPs etc. publicising the regional groups
  3. Rehab representatives to get access to database for sending introduction letter.
  4. Rehab representatives to arrange meeting and or reunions to generate support for the campaign.
  5. Publish The Concordat Graduate Newsletter – probably quarterly.

Addictions UK supports the formation of a “Graduate” Organisations. The United Kingdom has many rehab projects that have had a major impact promoting recovery and saving many peoples’ lives. It is important that the general public and politicians in particular know of the success of the work of addiction treatment agencies.

Addictions UK former clients have indicated that they will support the Graduate Organisation.

Addictions UK specialises in offering home-based addictions treatment services including addictions treatment from alcohol and drugs. Home detox can be conducted anywhere within the UK if required, subject to necessary risk assessment checks.

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BBC Panorama focuses on those “Dying for a Drink”
A recent BBC 1 documentary showed the problems of alcohol consumption in the UK, the health problems caused and the cost of treating patients affected by alcohol related issues.

The programme claimed that the low cost of alcohol exacerbated the problems.

The programme also questioned the balance of representatives from the Alcohol Industry on Government Advisory Panels. Alcohol Concern and some other Charities have chosen to resign from the advisory committees in protest that the Government will not take sufficient action to reduce the health problems faced by millions of people.

We attach a link from the BBC website which may be of interest to readers:

Addictions UK is disappointed that the programme did not focus on any solutions available to people facing the problems of alcoholism. Clearly there is a difference between “heavy drinkers” and those pathologically dependent.

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Drug and alcohol recovery services across England will benefit from £5m of extra investment due to the availability of further Department of Health capital funding for allocation in 2011-12.

The National Treatment Agency is seeking proposals for capital projects that support the growth of recovery-focused drug or alcohol services, in line with the government drug strategy. Services can be either community, residential or prison based, but successful bids will need to demonstrate that the proposal is needs-led, with service user input and that it clearly supports the recovery agenda.

Funding will be allocated to PCTs only, who will act as the banker for the successful service provider. Foundation Trusts and Mental Health trusts are not eligible to bid directly for funding unless the project is to be delivered in conjunction with a non-statutory sector organisation.

Bids should be submitted to NTA local teams for prioritisation by 19 August.

Timescales are unfortunately tight due to the deadline for financial allocation to PCTs and the agency apologises for the frustration that this may cause. Prioritised bids will be submitted by the local teams to NTA head office and to the Department of Health for final sign off and each bidder must provide assurance that the proposals can be delivered by the end of March 2012.

For Further Information please see: –

Many Addictions Treatment Programmes will not qualify for this grant as they do not contract with the Public Sector, which we think is a pity. Charities involved in Recovery Programmes should be eligible for these grants – often they reach where the official projects cannot reach!

Addictions UK, a leading provider of Home-based Addictions Treatment, will not be seeking any grants from the NTA. Addictions UK is self-supporting and not reliant on the Government for grant income. For further details of our Addictions Treatment – including alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment – please contact us on 0845 4567 030

Many people who seek treatment services for drug and alcohol addiction believe that their conduct is partly a matter of self-blame. Lack of self-control is perceived as being the main cause of the problems experienced by the heavy drinker or drug user.

At Addictions UK we know that using alcohol or drugs can be a very pleasurable and we take no moral position on that enjoyment- it is a matter of personal choice for the individual to make. Every day we receive a considerable amount of information on the rights and wrongs of alcohol and drug use. Given that most people have the capacity to control their consumption we respect their choice to consume alcohol and drugs – as long as they are aware of the full consequences of their action legally and medically. We do not form an opinion whether someone is “bad” because of their use of these chemicals.

We do however actively want to help, support, coach, and teach and to counsel those who have come to the conclusion that they have become powerless of the use of alcohol or drugs and that as a consequence their lives have become unmanageable. If someone has come to the conclusion that they are suffering from an addiction it is important for them to understand that in most cases – they cannot solve the problems themselves. They will need help.

Addictions UK provides free assessment for those people who need help. We will share with the enquirer details of their choices – and we will never apply pressure on them to follow a given solution to their problem. There are many routes to recovery and we will share as much information with them as possible.

Addictions UK provides home-based support and treatment to people with addiction problems and we can even identify residential rehabilitation centres if deemed to be more appropriate. Addiction – including alcohol addiction and drug addiction is a difficult illness to cure – but we can assist clients and enquirers to find ways of managing their problems on a day to day basis.

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NTA / Department of health withdraw Capital Grant Scheme

The National Treatment Agency have circulated providers of addictions services with a notification that the launch of a Department of Health Grants Programme has been cancelled.

Addictions UK are disappointed that this has occurred – and whilst we had no plans to make an application to the fund we do realise that this cut will come as a great disappointment to other agencies.

Read the full text of the letter here »

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“The Independent” newspaper claims “Rehab Needs a Fix” and reports on the poor use by the Public Sector of Rehab Projects in the United Kingdom.
According to “The Independent” newspaper, “Mitch Winehouse’s plan to open a rehab centre in memory of his daughter has shone a spotlight on the scandalous state of treatment for young addicts in Britain.”

Read the full article here »

Please inform others of this article and feel free to lobby your local politicians!

Addictions UK supports the call for more Public Sector funding to be made available to those people addicted to drunk and alcohol and who require addiction treatment paid through the public purse. We provide a specialist service throughout the United Kingdom and we could easily contribute more to helping those in need of assistance to address the problems of their addiction.

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Paul Hayes, the Chief Executive of the National Treatment has written to The Times defending the addictions treatment record of the Department of Health. The issue has been polarised by the tragic death of Amy Winehouse.

Highlighting the debate about the Department of Health’s treatment record, the Addictions Treatment Foundation, publishers of “Addictions Today” have published an article, WHO IS RIGHT? MITCH WINEHOUSE OR PAUL HAYES?

Read it here »

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