Maintaining Recovery is an on-going day-by-day task for all of us – especially those people who are in recovery from Addictions.

A new service has been launched by Addictions UK that offers the opportunity of participating in a 10 day “Recovery Journey” to Southern India. These trips are being organised with our colleagues at Addictions India – a Social Enterprise Organisation based in Chennai.

India is regarded as the crucible of Spirituality. There are many examples of effective addictions treatment involving different aspects of spirituality. These Journeys allow Recovering Addicts to consider these and other spiritual approaches and compare their potential with medical models of recovery.

The programme will be co-ordinated by highly experienced Indian Facilitators and will include many opportunities to meet with Leading Academics, Politicians, Third Sector Activists and Indian Social Entrepreneurs. Participants will also encounter many facets of India, not only those seen by many tourists but also the hidden and genuine qualities of ordinary life.

“Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared believe that something inside them was superior to circumstance.” – Bruce Barton (American Congressman, 1886-1967)

All of us are involved in caring for the needs of society and are engaged totally in it. But how many of us have had the time to reflect or took time for ourselves to understand our inner self – to reflect on what we have achieved so far and what we need to do in the future?

We need to set into a journey of exploration – exploring channels for self-improvement and organizational improvement to bring out the lasting change that we have all envisioned. But how can we integrate both self-development and organizational development? Join the trip for transformation.

This unique trip will help you channel your mind and body to the requirements of yourself and your organization. It is aimed at kindling the deep spiritual vibrancy in you that will help you to take rational decisions with regard to yourself and your organization. It will also help you in generating new innovative tools for your organization that will lead to better social impact.

This unique trip for social entrepreneurs will comprise a spiritual journey and exposure to a few social enterprises in Tamilnadu, South India. With the right blend of spiritual and management inputs, this unique trip will reconnect you to your aspirations and help you reflect on the past and plan your future.

The spiritual training would in part comprise:

1. Basics yoga exercises (Yogasana)
2. Different types of meditation (Dhyana)
3. Physical relaxation Techniques
4. Basic and Advanced Breathing techniques (Pranayama)
5. Extensive daily visits to Spiritual Individuals, Groups and Institutions in Tamil Nadu

Included in the costs would be the following:

• 10 days duration based in Tamil Nadu
• Flights from throughout the United Kingdom
• Excellent range of Accommodation and Facilitation
• Lessons in different Meditation and Indian Spirituality Methods
• Medical and Spiritual Recovery Programmes
• Opportunities to customise your own Learning Journey
• Induction and coaching prior to departure

Costs vary according to the time of the year, the type of accommodation booked and any special requirements of the booking. These trips will be customised hence the inability to quote an exact “one fit all” price.

Addictions UK is a leading provider of Home-based Addictions Treatment including Home Detox. For further details fill in the response form on our contacts page or telephone us on 0845 4567 030

Addictions UK is a leading provider of Home-based Addictions Treatment, Home Detox and can arrange Residential Treatment throughout the United Kingdom and beyond.

Addictions UK and others representing leading voluntary and private sector abstinence-based rehabilitation centres in England have written to the Daily Telegraph.

Helping addicts quit

SIR – We represent leading voluntary and private sector abstinence-based rehabilitation centres in England. We were concerned by the revelations in Kathy Gyngell’s report, published by the Centre for Policy Studies, Breaking the Habit: why the state should stop dealing drugs and start doing rehab (“Benefits and treatment for drug addicts cost £3.6 billion a year”,, June 19).

We call on the Government to make abstinence-based rehabilitation central to the implementation of its drugs policy. Fewer than 2 per cent of addicts seeking help to quit drugs are currently referred to rehab. An immediate goal of 25 per cent is feasible. Such a commitment is necessary to turn around the tanker of dependency.

In the two years before the general election, an average of one rehab unit closed each month. A progressive decline in statutory referrals, with the loss of about 1,000 beds, continues. Yet taxpayers are funding the continued dependency of the 98 per cent of addicts in so-called treatment, to the tune of billions of pounds. This process will continue if the Coalition leaves current commissioning arrangements for drugs and alcohol services in place under the direction of the National Treatment Agency, soon to be transferred to Public Health England.

Unless the Coalition takes action quickly, the Prime Minister’s call to help addicts to become clean, free of drugs and build new lives, will be thwarted.

Deirdre Boyd
CEO, Addiction Recovery Foundation
Ed Smith
Director, Acorn Treatment and Housing
Peter Walker
CEO, Addiction Recovery Agency
Richard Johnson
Director, ANA Treatment Centres
Ges Schofield
Manager, Ark House
Derek Mace
CEO, Bosence and Boswyns
Gina Dormer
CEO, Broadreach Group
Brian Dudley
CEO, Broadway Lodge
Clive Wolfendale
CAIS Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation
Simon Stephens
Director of Case Work, Addictions UK
Barnaby Guthrie
CEO, Clinical Partners
Chip Somers
CEO, Focus12
Wendy Dawson
CEO, Ley Community
Anthony Massouras
Chairman, Mimosa Healthcare Group
Ruth Allonby
CEO, Mount Carmel
Jan and Carl de Vera Davey
CEOs, Open Minds
Carl Edwards
Director, Park View Project
James Peacock
Senior statutory coordinator, Perry Clayman Project
John Grady
Director, Pierpoint Addiction Treatment
Steve Spiegel
Director, Providence Projects
Arlene Rodgers
Director, Quinton House
Jon Harman
Director, Ravenscourt Trust
Gavin Cooper
Managing director, Trust the Process
Tom Kirkwood
CEO, TTP Recovery Communities
Amanda Thomas
CEO, Western Counselling
Ken Wiltshire
Director, Yeldall Manor

Third Sector and Private Providers call for more Addictions Treatment Services to be funded by Government.

Addictions UK has joined with other Third Sector and Private Providers to call for more Addictions Treatment Services to be funded by the Government. Drugscope has attacked the recent Government Policy Report- see

Addictions UK is a member of Drugscope and welcomes Drugscope’s re-affirmation of Abstinence Programmes. Choice for Recovering Addicts and Alcoholics is vital.

We do not advocate that harm reduction treatment measures should be abolished – on the contrary – we just want to see those people who choose residential rehab recovery projects to get equal treatment.

Addictions UK is a leading provider of Home-based Addictions Treatment including Home Detox. For further details fill in the response form on our contacts page or telephone us on 0845 4567 030

The Coalition Government must respond to an unprecedented amount of publicity calling for changes in policy on Harm Prevention.

Changes must be made to Government Drug and Alcohol Policies

The Coalition Government has been responding to an unprecedented amount of publicity calling for changes in Government Policy to the Harm Prevention measures currently dominating many parts of the UK, with many Commissioners reluctant to use Residential Treatment Facilities and Agencies such as Addictions UK Home-based Treatment Services.

Here are a few examples of articles in the Press over last weekend:

This article was published in the Independent:

This in The Daily Telegraph:

Here is the BBC:

Here is Sky News:

The front page of “Conservative Home” says: “The state must stop dealing drugs and start doing rehab.

Addictions UK is a member of a group of fifty Third Sector and Private Providers of Addictions Treatment Services who seek to remind Government that Recovery using Treatment Options centred around Abstinence is a choice being requested by many clients.

Addictions UK is a leading provider of Home-based Addictions Recovery Treatment, including Home Detox, and be contacted by telephoning 0845 4567 030 or via our website