Home Treatment is now adding choice to Addiction Treatment – It is available now and is affordable, effective and confidential.

There is a wide range of treatment methods available. Most treatment is expensive – but Addictions UK offers the least expensive and one of the most effective treatment methods available in Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. We are literally able to commence treatment very quickly and without waiting lists. If you need a Home Detox we can arrange a wide range of options to you. We listen to your needs and what every your circumstances we will offer you the best advice. Increasing numbers of people are successfully using our services and our treatment staff are being kept very busy.

Our treatment believes in the client having a say about the method of recovery – we are totally flexible – we can work 24 / 7 or at a reduced level if required. Comprehensive Relapse Prevention Schemes can be offered weekly from as little as £30.00 per week. The Addictions UK 24 / 7 Home based Addictions Treatment service can be arranged for £150.00 per week. This includes 6 sessions per week for the core treatment service, and two seperate 24 / 7 Helplines for clients and their carers plus a range of other free add ons. For further information please visit our main website or telephone 0845 4567 030. Please contact us for details of Home Detox.

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Addictions UK have established facilities for other Addiction bloggers … If any approved organisations would like to submit their blogs for publication to us we will set up the technical arrangments with you. Addictions UK is looking for similar arrangments with other sites too for the sharing of our blogs.

Will interested parties contact us at Addictions UK or e-mail contactus@addictionsuk.com or telephone 0845 4567 030 (International): +44(0)1914109000.

A Medical Detox should only be used as part of a longer term treatment programme. If the client has no intention to co-operate with treatment sometimes it is better to refuse the detox.

Addictions UK always conducts an in depth assessment when asked to arrange a medical detox. We will not provide detox treatment alone – we insist that the client embarks on some kind of treatment programme of their choice – if this is refused then we often decline to refer the client on to our medical practitioners. Medical Detox MUST be accompanied by some kind of established treatment method if it is to work effectively.

Home alcohol detox programmes are highly beneficial for those who require a detox programme for alcohol or drug related issues, but are unable to enter a residential treatment programme. There are many reasons why for some people, residential treatment is not suitable for them. The advantage of a home alcohol detox programme is that you need not have to leave your home to enter a stay at a rehab clinic, allowing you to get the immediate treatment you need without having to step a foot out of your door.

Some people are unable to get the time off work or have family commitments which means they are unable to enter a residential programme. The benefit of an home alcohol detox programme is that you can stay in the familiar surroundings of your home and can get treatment without having to let family or work colleagues know your circumstances. A home alcohol detox plan will always be carried out discreetly and safely.

After an initial assessment conducted by Addictions UK staff to see if you are suitable to a home alcohol detox programme and are successful, you will be prescribed medication that will help you to detox from alcohol safely and comfortably. Your home alcohol detox plan will be supervised by our expert team of medical staff. We highly recommend that you never attempt to detox from alcohol on your own without medical supervision. The withdrawal symptoms for some people can be very unpleasant and in some cases, even fatal. Some of the side effects can include vomiting, hallucinations, shakes and fits. We have known several cases where self detoxing has lead to death.

A home alcohol detox programme usually takes 7 to 14 days dependent on the severity of your drink problem. You will be prescribed medication according to your own specific needs. Every single one of our home alcohol detox plans are designed to your own individual needs. As no two people are the same, our medical staff will assess your requirements and tailor make a plan designed around yourself.

Another great advantage of entering a home alcohol detox programme is the price. It can be very expensive to get the help you need by undergoing a private residential treatment programme. A home alcohol detox is a way of receiving private treatment but at an affordable price! Unfortunately the NHS route can prove to be a long and lengthy process. With a private home alcohol detox programme, you are able to get immediate help straight away without being placed on any long waiting lists or having to be referred by your GP or local alcohol and drugs teams.

if you are interested in finding more information on Home or Residential Detoxes contact Addictions UK or visit www.HomeDetoxUK.com or telephone 0845 4567 030.

DENIAL = Dont Even Notice I Am Lying!

The first symptom of addiction is denial.

DENIAL is often Thought as “Don’t Even Notice I am Lying” Every day this organisation receives many phone calls from people who do not believe they are in need of help – yet for some reason they manage to telephone us. Many of those who telephone us are distraught and in tears – yet after twenty minutes or so becalm and say things like “I will talk it over with my wife / mother or girl friend”. I bet they did not seek permission to drink or take their drugs of choice in the same way!

You cannot fight addiction – surrender is the only option. We can help our clients beat their addiction. The first step is the hardest – picking up the phone and agreeing on a treatment package.

Addictions UK are the leading provider of home-based addictions treatment and we have successfully helped many people. Contact Addictions UK or telephone our helpline 0845 4567 030 and we will help you. Recovery is out there (RIOT) – You are just a phone call away from Addictions Recovery. Addictions UK can help you.

Addictions UK believes that using a Social Enterprise Management Model is the most efficient and dynamic option available for Health Providers.

Hospitals and other Health Providers should be encouraged to use Social Enterprise Management and Strategic methods – it makes such good sense!

Representatives from Addictions UK and Addictions India visited the Aravind Eye Hospital in Pondicherry (http://www.aravind.org/clinics/aehpondicherry.aspx) which forms part of the largest Social Enterprise in the World. This Hospital Group performs just over half the world’s cataract operations – an amazing statistic!.

We were humbled by the efficiency of this Hospital – and their management model – A Social Enterprise. It seemed to work so well. The Aravind Managed Hospitals can be found all over India and they have established divisions to make, for example, their own lenses, sharps, bandages and to offer consultancy all over South Asia.

Addictions India are planning to bring visitors from the UK on learning Journeys to visit this Social Enterprise and to conduct learning Journeys that can allow participants to examine different aspects of spirituality and social enterprise in Southern India. Further information from info@addictionsindia.com – telephone (UK) 0845 4567 030.

Some Social Enterprise activists in the UK are worried that the Government are trying to “water down” the meaning of Social Enterprise by encouragement the expansion of this sector within the Community of Health Providers. Addictions UK believe that we have nothing to worry about – the Social Enterprise model lends itself to full participation of the health service work force and the excluded groups within the wider community.

Addictions UK are members of Social Firms UK and receive a great deal of support from that organisation. For further information contact info@addictionsuk.com or contact us via our Website .com or HomeDetoxUK or telephone us on 0845 4567 030