Addictions UK has no waiting lists – We are here to help you.

Today we move into bigger and better offices – This will allow us more space to work with people in their own homes!  Residential Rehab Centres often have waiting lists – but with our Home Detox and Home-based Treatment Services we have no such restrictions.   Addictions Recovery is literally at the end of a telephone.  Telephone 0845 4567 030 for a free assessment.

Seek Advice – Help with Addictions Treatment is a post code lottery

Some areas in the UK have the most dreadful drug and alcohol services – yet others are just brilliant. We believe a mix of Harm Reduction Services and Services that help their clients to live drug (and alcohol) free are needed. We have great contacts through the UK and can offer advice and support to many people who need to be guided through the treatment maze. If we do not know, we may know some one who might have an answer.

Detox services – Just a phone call away

Do you need a home based Detox?  Are you getting nowhere with your Public Sector provider?  Can’t you afford Residential Treatment?  Please read on …  This site ( offers a range of treatment whether it be for alcohol or other drug related treatment and Detox.