Addicts' Experiences and Testimonials

It is inspiring and reassuring to hear about the progress and positive experience of others.

Here are a number of accounts from Recovering Addicts and those close to them that confirm that hope and optimism, accompanied by determination and commitment, can lead to continuing recovery.

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A Housebound Person

"My life was threatened by a massive stroke that has left me disabled with mobility problems speech problems and various other symptoms. The telephone treatment for me was wonderful."  more »


A Heroin and Alcohol Addict

"Alcoholics in recovery understand problems, which is very reassuring. I really wanted to look at some of the issues of the Twelve Steps in depth including more reading and more in depth discussion."  more »

professional office

A Professional Person

"The service has really helped me - and it has been the holistic approach that has worked well. The interactions with my counsellor have been excellent. I am on the right path now and will continue to grow, improve and develop."  more »

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The Lawyer

"Talking to the people at Addictions UK, it is immediately clear that they understand addiction and feel strongly on a personal level about helping others to recovery. The 24-hour helpline meant that I never felt isolated."  more »


The University Lecturer

"Home Treatment afforded me an opportunity to address my problems. I now understand the nature of the illness and I look for new opportunities to learn and train all the time and thus help myself."  more »

home alone

The Prisoner

"I have lived a violent life. My coach understood where I was coming from and helped me to make sense of it all. I am clean now. The 12 Steps have helped me to cope with my past and deal with the present and look forward to a future!"  more »

father and daughter

A Young Father

"The programme has not been easy but with the help of my family and Addictions UK I made good progress. I now have regular contact with my young daughter and a new chance of living a normal fulfilling life."  more »

" My experience was not easy and not always pleasant.

But it shows that anyone really can make a start on recovery. "

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