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Addictions UK provides fully comprehensive Addictions Treatment throughout the United Kingdom. Each programme tailors our wide range of therapy options to suit the client. We also work with Carers and Family and Friends. If you need our help in any form please ask us. Nothing is too much trouble.

This list of services does not include our Training, Consulting and Face-to-face Counselling Services.

Before any programme begins, you must accept our Service Agreement.

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Free Recovery Assessment Service
Which treatment may suit you best  »

Addictions Treatment at Home
Recovery plan for Drug or Alcohol Addiction  »

Home Detox Programme
Medically supervised detox at home  »

Help for Other Addictions
Gambling, Pornography and more  »

Recovery 100 Plan
A comprehensive one-year recovery plan  »

Relapse Prevention Programme
Personal support to keep you in recovery  »

Helping you to promote someone's recovery  »

Recovery Journeys
Rediscovering the Spiritual Dimension  »

Continuing Coaching and After Care
Ongoing support for as long as you need it  »

Families, Friends and Carers
Support and guidance for those who care  »

Residential Care (UK or Abroad)
The option to kick-start recovery  »

Payment Options
Options for when and how to pay  »

Anytime, Anywhere

Recovery plans for every need

twighlight boy We offer affordable, effective and confidential treatment for addicts, and support for their Families and Friends. We are available at any time of the day or night, anywhere you are, through:
  • The Web, Instant Messaging and E-mail
  • National and International Landline and Mobile
  • Face-to-face where required
  • Texting, DVDs, Print and Other Media

The services and plans detailed here are just a guide; we always adapt what we do to suit each client's needs and offer many other options not detailed here.

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Recovery Assessment Service

Free of Charge
phone call

We offer a one-off assessment service for anyone who thinks they might benefit from some sort of therapeutic assistance. Our assessment lasts around 30 minutes and we will give you a clear idea of what sort of treatment plan might be of benefit to you.

The founders of Addictions UK established this agency to "get people well".

We have to cover our costs but making a profit is not our primary objective. We are totally committed to the concept of offering a "client led" recovery programme. We believe that people should exercise their rights to choose their own treatment methods. After they have completed of our assessment form, we listen carefully to our clients offer them choices that range from joining self-help groups, to beginning our own treatment programmes or other home-based or residential services.

We never seek to sell just our own services.

Please telephone us on 0300 330 30 40 or contact us through this web site.

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Drug and Alcohol Addictions

£150.00 per week
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You can escape the Hell caused by Drug and Alcohol Addiction.

Addictions UK offers Addictions Treatment at Home which lets you to stay at home and continue your usual work, family life and other activities. The programme is customised for each client and is primarily aimed at people suffering from Drug and Alcohol Addictions.

It is affordable, effective and confidential and you do not have to book into a residential rehab, leave your loved ones or pay for expensive residential services.

Before you begin, we will discuss with you the likely time required to set you on a secure path to recovery. We usually recommend a twelve week treatment programme but for some clients it may be longer or shorter. Your therapist will recommend what suits you best.

Treatment normally requires an hour every day - a half hour telephone session and half an hour's "homework". There are more details of the methods we use on our Home Page.

Your family and friends also can call upon a dedicated, separately staffed helpline to support them if required.

Home Detox Programme

Prices start from £995.00
including 4 weeks treatment support: £1,600.00

Detox is only of value when combined with an on-going treatment programme. You can arrange this separately if you wish or we can add our Home Treatment Programme at the price listed above (£150.00 per week) to your Home Detox. If clients wish to take detox as part of another agency's programme, the cost of detox alone is £1,150.00.

Tailor-made packages for Detox with extended nursing care are also available. Prices vary according your needs.

Representatives of Addictions UK always conduct a comprehensive risk assessment of your needs to assess the best location for your detox.

This work is carried out by both an experienced treatment worker and an AUK trained healthcare professional who will have the ability to prescribe medication.

Please read more details about our medical detox services which include a Medical Assessment Questionnaire.

Please contact us to ask for details.

Home Treatment for Other Addictions

£150.00 per week
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Nearly two hundred different types of addictive behaviour have been identified. Addiction is not just about Alcohol and Drugs.

Addictions UK offers Home- based Addictions Treatment to people with every sort of addictive disorder including: gambling addictions, shopping, shoplifting, pornography, love, sex, internet, gaming, work, compulsive eating, exercise, computers and many more.

Our Home-based Treatment Programme lets you remain at home and continue your usual work, family life and other activities. It is affordable, effective and confidential.

At the start we will discuss with you the length of programme you are likely to need to set you on a secure path to recovery. For most clients that is twelve weeks. We will also assess your individual needs and any risks.

You will need to find an hour every day - half an hour for telephone a telephone session and another half hour for follow-up work.

Your family and friends also can call upon a dedicated, separately staffed helpline to support them if required.

Recovery 100 Plan

step at a time

This twelve-month programme begins with a series of daily sessions for the first three months, followed by weekly Relapse Prevention support for nine months.

With appropriate arrangements and guarantees, payments may be made at a rate of £60 per week.

The Recovery 100 Plan is our most comprehensive treatment programme and often appeals to those people who want to embark on a planned home-based treatment regime that will permit them to remain with their family and keep up their commitments at work. Understanding the nature of an effective fixed-price treatment programme enables people to continue with their lives and plan their finances. We offer an option to spread the agreed costs over a twelve month period, subject to status.

Please read the Addictions UK Service Agreement.

Relapse Prevention Programme

£30.00 per week
finding peace

Addictions UK offers clients customised "relapse prevention" after completion of their agreed recovery programme.

Many people are tempted to cease treatment earlier than is wise. They want to move on with their lives but they forget that addiction is a chronic and progressive illness that has no permanent cure or fix.

Addictions UK offers relapse prevention schemes to its own clients and also to others who have received addictions treatment from other providers - e.g. residential rehabilitation centres etc.

We are able to work with anyone, regardless of location, as these particular services are delivered using the telephone. Our charges are the most competitive available. Please contact us to plan your ongoing recovery.


Prices vary
in the shadows

Addiction can be a Family Illness requiring a Family Treatment.

Sometimes a partner or a family needs the help of a trained professional to encourage someone they care for to commit to recovery. The aim is to help the addict accept the need for help, to raise "rock bottom".

Interventionists help addicts to understand the love which surrounds them, despite the hatred for their illness. They also work with the family to identify any behaviour which impedes the addict's recovery.

We can call on a number of specialist, independent practitioners across the UK who will recommend the best treatment for the addict, not necessarily our own.

Please contact us for a free discussion of your needs and our recommendation of a trained Interventionist whose experience and location will be best for your situation.

If an addict is not ready to commit to recovery, all we can do is manage the situation and wait. But help with that management can bring a dramatic change for all.

Recovery Journeys

from £2,500.00 for ten days
India sunset

Spiritual Growth is important to many people who have begun recovery and achieved a period of sobriety/clean-time. Medical treatment models work very well with spiritual recovery programmes. Some Addictions UK clients and their friends are committed to exploring and continuing work that strengthens abstinence. They have joined together to visit Southern India - often described as the crucible of world spirituality.

Addictions India, in partnership with other Indian Social Enterprises and with the support of senior academics, including medical practitioners, have supported and facilitated these services.

Costs start at £2,500 for a ten day Journey.

We do not recommend these journeys to people who are currently in the very early stages of their recovery.

More about our Recovery Journeys »

Continuing Coaching and After Care

phone call

Our 24/7 Coaching Line and After-care Services are available free of additional charges to anyone who has completed any of our Treatment Programmes.

Most of our clients complete their rigourous and intensive addictions treatment programme. All the available evidence shows that those people who continue to work on their recovery maintain their sobriety longer than those people who suddenly stop. Generally people tend to relapse when "life is good"; people often "float" back to addictive behaviour gradually rather than relapse in a moment.

We recommend that clients secure ongoing support - either with Addictions UK or other self-help groups and plan for ongoing After-care.

After-care sessions are relatively inexpensive - contact us for details. Our 24/7 Helpline is available to all our former clients free of charge. Most self-help groups do not charge you to attend meetings.

Support for Families, Friends and Carers

couple on a beach

Addiction problems affect the whole family - it is for that reason that we have a dedicated helpline to support the Families, Friends and Carers of our clients. Sometimes the insanity of the addict or alcoholic spreads to those close to them, who feel pressurised to give in to their demands.

Addictions UK employs staff members who have had their own experiences as a "carer", They do not work with the addict which means that we can keep everything that is discussed separate and totally confidential.

Addiction knows no boundaries and can happen in any family, regardless of background or circumstances.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss how we help Families, Friends and Carers or telephone us on 0845 4567 030.

Residential Care (UK or Abroad)

prices on application
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Residential Care is appropriate for those who are not ready for recovery at home but involves considerable additional charges. We are able to offer extensive and effective options for Residential Recovery Treatment either in the UK or Abroad which can reduce your costs by as much as a half. Although the prices will be in line with those listed above, charges vary between different residential treatment centres and everyone's needs are different so please contact us to discuss what options would be right for you.

Sometimes it is possible to complete a course of treatment at a residential rehab. and then continue your recovery programme at home. This will permit you to commission an affordable, effective and seamless programme in which you can enjoy the advantages of both treatment regimes.

More about Residential Treatment »

Payment Options

pay by credit or debit card

Our charges will be invoiced monthly (four weekly) and you will be requested to pay a forward payment equivalent to four weeks fees in advance. This is subject to status - we may request a guarantor in some circumstances. Any Disbursement such as a Medical Detox must be paid in full prior to commencement of treatment.

Most people pay for their treatment on a rolling programme. We may consider you extending your payments subject to our approval. On completion of the treatment all debts incurred must be paid immediately unless you have a written agreement from us otherwise.

You can pay using debit or credit cards, direct debit, standing order, cheque, postal order or Bank Draft. We can commence your treatment immediately if you telephone 0300 330 30 40 to make payment arrangements.

To pay through Internet Banking, Wire Transfer etc., please ask us for our bank details.

Self-test Drug testing kit by post


These expertly designed and tested kits provide family, friends and carers with reassurance that your recovery is proceeding well.

Self-test Alcohol testing kit by post


It is good for your own confidence and for those around you that you can demonstrate the continuing effectiveness of your treatment.

" From a wide range of programmes and experience, Addictions UK

put together just the right treatment to deliver the help I needed. "

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Detox at Home - from £995

Home-based alcohol and drug detox services maybe suitable for you.

Affordable, effective & confidential.

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Home-based Treatment Services

Our continuing treatment at home promotes recovery while you carry on your normal life at work and at home.

24/7 Addiction Treatment
prices from
£150 per week

How does drinking affect your wallet and your waistline?

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Recovery in the Workplace

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