AddictionsUK provides addictions treatment at home, including home detox, as the means to recovery from drugs, alcohol and other addictions.

"We have been there too."
For confidential, no obligation advice call 0300 330 30 40 or 0800 1 40 40 44
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Our unique home-based approach allows our clients to continue their normal activities while we guide them to recovery and a normal life, free from addiction and dependency.
The alternative to residential treatment. Under medical supervision, this is a safe way to clear alcohol or drugs from your body. It is Affordable, Effective, and Confidential.
Addiction affects all those close to an addict. Addictions UK can support the Families and Friends of our clients. Our free phone line is confidential and separated from client services.
Addiction knows no social or geographical boundaries. We can help professional or working people or those isolated at home, wherever that may be.
Addictions UK works with Healthcare Professionals and in co-operation with other Agencies throughout the UK and the Republic of Ireland.
We have prepared answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Addiction Treatment at Home and Addictions UK.
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For a doctor or a judge or for anyone in a high-profile role, Treatment at Home ensures confidentiality and protection from media intrusion.
Our Service Agreement spells out in detail what you can expect from us and what we need you to agree to do to support your effective recovery.
You are just a Phone Call away from Addictions Recovery.
Call 0300 330 30 40 for a free and confidential chat about beginning treatment now.
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Read our own Blog and check out the Addiction Focus Blog.
Short videos about Addictions Treatment at Home and how we help addicts towards recovery and the support we offer to Families and Friends.
Addictions UK can discuss contracts for Home-based Addictions Treatment anywhere. We train HR staff and support recovering addicts at work.
" Addictions Treatment at home let me stay at Work and with my Family. It helped me recover a normal, fulfilling life and I am now having fun again. Thank you. "
High Success Rate

Affordable, Effective,
and Confidential


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Detox at Home - from £995

Home-based alcohol and drug detox services maybe suitable for you.

Affordable, effective & confidential.

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Home-based Treatment Services

Our continuing treatment at home promotes recovery while you carry on your normal life at work and at home.

24/7 Addiction Treatment
prices from
£150 per week

How does drinking affect your wallet and your waistline?

BBC Newsbeat's 'booze calculator' has the answer.

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You are just a phone call away from addictions recovery.
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Other Addictions

Addicted to pornography, sex, the internet, shoplifting or anything else?

We can help - call 0300 330 30 40

Recovery in the Workplace

We can help your staff towards recovery while they remain at work.

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Addictions UK
Just a phone call away
from addictions recovery
0300 330 30 40
0800 1 40 40 44
Addiction traps not only the addict but family and friends too.
Don't let addiction rule your life; we are just a phone call away.
Escape the Hell of Addiction
If you really have the will to begin recovery then start right now!
You are just a phone call away from addictions recovery - 0300 330 30 40 .
Are you serious about recovery?
Addiction Recovery and Rehabilitation at home keeps costs low.
Our success rate is better than 70% - exceeding many other programmes.
Affordable, Effective, Confidential
Our treatment staff are recovering addicts with excellent clean time.
Our "Families and Friends" team have experience within their own families.
We have been there too!
Addictions UK supports those who care for addicts,
and whose lives are also affected by their illness - 0300 330 30 40
Helpline for Families and Friends
Our support continues throughout your recovery
and rehabilitation and remains for as long as you need it.
Aftercare and Relapse Prevention
Our helpline is available as soon as you begin your
addiction recovery and rehabilitation treatment at home.
Helpline for Clients - 0300 330 30 40
One year home-based recovery plan.
Daily Sessions for 3 months + 9 months Weekly Relapse Prevention support.
Recovery 100 Plan