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These answers do not cover everything. Because we always adapt what we do to suit the needs of each client, there are many options which we don't have space to mention here.

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What is Addictions UK?

Addictions UK is controlled and managed by recovering addicts with good clean time who wish to make a difference to their community. We consider that people with addictions are a socially excluded group and need special help and assistance with a variety of issues. That is the reason why we established the programme. We do not seek to retain any profits from this social enterprise - getting people well is our reason for existing. We are a leading provider of Home-based Addictions Treatment in the UK.

How long have we been established?

Addictions UK has been established since 2003 - though we became incorporated as a social enterprise in 2005.

Who is the treatment aimed at?

Anyone really! But especially at those people who need help with a problem of addictions to drugs and alcohol and wish to remain living at home whilst continuing with employment and family life. In particular, we can help people who live in rural areas or isolated urban environments, and people who work in sensitive professional occupations, such as people employed by the police or armed services, medics, lawyers, politicians and other people in the public eye. We also work with people from black and ethnic minority communities, single parents and the elderly. This programme is ideally suited to addicts who are housebound.

Do you offer a Detox Service?

Yes. We can arrange a Detox anywhere in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Detox is an important service in Home-based Addictions Treatment and we are a leading provider of Home Detox Services in the United Kingdom. Please see our Treatment Prices for more about this service - Home Detox is less expensive than residential rehab.

Can anyone receive help this way?

Yes. We have refined a home treatment service that can be delivered to clients living within their own environment. Our recovery programme is client-focused and is designed to meet the needs of the individual according to his or her circumstances. Many people do not need expensive residential treatment - facing up to addiction problems in the home can be more constructive.

Do you work with people abroad - and not resident in the United Kingdom?

Yes! We have worked with clients domiciled in other countries. Please contact us via this web site or telephone us on +44 (0) 191 410 9000 for details. Costs are broadly similar for our home-based addiction treatment services.

What can be achieved from this programme?

This is entirely up to you - Addictions UK will give you the tools to creating a new way of living that releases your full potential. The rest depends upon you. We find that clients who really want to change get really good results from the recovery programme.

Who is eligible to join this programme?

Anyone who has reached a decision that they wish to stop using alcohol and drugs. Once you have made the decision we will try and help you. You can self refer. You do not need to inform your own doctor.

What is my commitment?

You must ensure that you have time to participate in this treatment programme and that it will remain your number one priority. The length of time required to work with Addictions UK will vary according to your personal needs and circumstances. Our staff will contact you every day by arrangement and are available for 24 hour support. We will be using a work book and you will be required to consider additional study by DVD and reading key books. We expect the client to be available to work this programme at least 4 hours per week with additional "home-work" which may take another 2 hours. Clients must want to commit themselves to this level of work.

What must I provide to be accepted onto the treatment programme?

You will need a settled address. You must have a landline or mobile phone; ideally you should have both. You must sign a Service Level Agreement and pay a forward payment of four weeks in advance.

Does it matter where I live?

No. This programme can be delivered to anywhere - literally. Some of our clients undergo our treatment programmes whilst living abroad.

How long does the treatment programme last?

Please discuss your needs with us as we have the ability to customise our work with clients to meet their needs. We have several treatment programmes that can be adapted according to the needs of individual client. Please telephone us for further information and a free assessment.

Is your service 24/7?

Yes! We have two separate Telephone Coaching and Help Lines for our clients and their carers - staffed independently. For further information contact us by e-mail, telephone or via this website.

How is this service funded?

Most of our clients are self funding though anyone is entitled to apply for help from their Local Authority or NHS Purchaser. HR Departments sometime assist clients with payments to us. Our Treatment Prices can be inspected on this website or you can ask for details by telephoning us on 0300 330 30 40.

Can I fund the treatment programme myself?

Yes. The net costs for this programme are far cheaper than residential rehabilitation schemes. We have a range of payment options to meet all needs. See our web page on Treatment Prices or telephone us on 0845 4567 030

How do I make payments if I am self funding this treatment programme?

You can pay by nearly every option available! Self funding clients can pay by cheque or via standing order, credit card or Paypal, all of which can be received over the phone. Our Finance Office will be pleased to help offer a suitable method for you.

How much do you charge?

See our prices on this website or telephone 0845 4567 030.

Will my conversations be confidential?

Yes - Confidentiality is the founding principal of Addictions UK. Please contact us for details of our confidentiality policy which covers all issues concerning this matter. There are issues to do with child protection and personal safety that need to be discussed with clients to protect them and the staff member concerned with the case. Your doctor and employer need not know of your treatment.

Is face-to-face contact necessary?

No - All work is conducted over the telephone and/or the Internet with web cam if required. If there are exceptional reasons we will discuss arranging a face-to-face meeting with one of our team members but these are charged for in a different way.

Are all the treatment staff at Addictions UK recovering addicts?

Yes, all staff members are recovering addicts or alcoholics with good levels of sobriety and clean time. Some have experience of other addictions such as gambling, and other behavioural difficulties. Our staff members have a variety of training in different therapies and recovery programmes including 12-Steps coaching and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Motivational Interviewing and Person-centred Counselling. All treatment staff members also possess qualifications in counselling.

Do you offer any Residential Rehab Services?

Yes - but only in conjunction with our own Home-based Treatment Services. One example of when we would assist with residential services would be when the client is not suitable for Home-based services at the commencement of their treatment. A period of residential treatment can help stabilise the person. Home-based services would then continue after the client has returned from the residential rehab centre. We use Rehabs throughout the UK and abroad. Costs would depend on the published prices of the residential rehab provider as their charges vary considerably.

Do you have a contract or Service Level Agreement?

We have a simple contract that does not "lock you in" and is written in simple and easily understood English. Please download it now

Do you offer relapse prevention?

Yes - this can be offered on a regular basis. We will discuss your needs and make suitable arrangements as part of your treatment.

Do you help people after residential care?

Yes we offer support to people who have found recovery in residential establishments - but it depends on the programme that was offered in the other facility. We want to help you so please do telephone for us about this question if you are interested in our on-going help or in our Relapse Prevention Schemes.

Do you work only with Alcohol and Drugs?

No. We work with people with a range of diverse addictions - too many to list every one here. If you need help please telephone us or contact us through this website. Examples of other addictions include pornography, sex addictions, gambling, shopping, shop-lifting and other "process addictions". If your life has become unmanageable - just telephone us.

Do you have an assessment process?

We can accept clients onto our programme after a discussion with our case work team. Additionally we can offer detailed and impartial assessments where required. Please telephone for further details.

Is "addiction" an illness?

We think so and so does the WHO - The World Health Organisation - though we do know that some people disagree with this notion.

Can an addiction be treated?

Yes - and we obtain very high success outcomes. We do not know of any "cures" for addiction. However, people with addictions can live normal lives as recovering addicts. We only seek to remain sober and clean "a day at a time" - days turn into weeks and months into years.

Does your treatment work?

Yes - this programme has helped many people. We would not be doing it if we did not think it works. Many people have found sobriety and clean time through this programme. If the client is motivated to find a solution to addiction then we can, in most cases, offer support to assist in this process.

Is Addictions UK affiliated to any other organisation?

Addictions UK is a Social Enterprise Company which is managed and run by recovering addicts and people with experience of addiction. As an organisation we have no political or religious affiliation. The programme is open to anyone with an addiction problem who is committed to his or her own recovery. We have no strategic links with any other organisation.

Can computers be used in this programme?

Yes. We will tutor you if you want to use your home or office computer. The use of computers is entirely optional.

Has Addictions UK any approved policies?

Yes. We have approved policy statements in the following:
  • Code of Ethics
  • Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Complaints Policy
  • Confidentiality Policy
  • Staff and Management Policies
  • Health and Safety Policies
  • Data Protection Policies
  • Volunteers Policies
  • Training Protocols and Policies
  • Staff Support Policies
  • Child Protection and Vulnerable Adult Policies

We are constantly striving to improve our quality standards - if you have any questions or suggestions please contact us and we will be pleased to give more detail or receive your comments.

Do you support Carers, friends and family members?

Yes! We offer a free Carers Helpline and support carers in dealing with this family issue. Please telephone us for details of this service or see this page on this website.

Are you accredited by any Insurance companies?

Yes. Please contact us for details. We welcome referrals from Employee Assistance programmes.

Do you provide services to HR professionals for their staff with addiction problems?

Yes. We are experienced in working with HR Professionals within the field of Occupational Health and receive referrals from them.

Can I gain employment with Addictions UK?

We are always keen to work with recovering addicts and alcoholics with good sobriety. If you have this experience and some training in a related subject such as counselling, please send us your curriculum vitae.

Do you work with other service providers?

We are always keen to work in partnership with like-minded groups and individuals nationally and internationally if they have similar ethical values.

Can I receive extended payment terms?

Yes - in certain cases, clients can extend payment terms subject to status and the terms of our contract. You will need a Guarantor.

Do you have additional information I can inspect?

Yes - these web pages detail all of our services and policies. We carry out a wide range of training and consulting services. We work with employers on addictions support etc. Details of these services can be found on this website. Our Blog also covers a wide range of additional information and there is another blog site linked to Addictions UK at

Do you publish other websites?

Yes. We offer specialist information on Detox Services through and, publicising the Addictions UK brand. Prices, services and contracting arrangement are identical to those of Addictions UK.

Do you offer other specialist treatments?

Yes we offer a specialist Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) service with specialist staff members engaged. We also support work in India and with people from South Asia living in the UK. Clients living in India should see the website at We also provide specialist customised services on request as we are passionate about the development of client-led services here in the UK. Please contact us now or telephone us on 0845 4567 030 to ask if we can provide what you need.

How can I contact you?

By phone0845 4567 030
by fax +44 (0) 191 410 9002
by using the form on our contact us web page.

You can also find us on

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