Family and Friends of Addicts

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The families and friends of an alcoholic or addict may have tried almost everything to stop their loved one from the unmanageability that can cause chaos in family homes and within relationships everywhere.

Addictions know no boundaries and can happen within any family.

Addictions UK can offer support to the family of the people they are working with. It is critical that people close to the addict do not hinder the recovery of their loved one. The recognition that carers are powerless needs to be taken into consideration. They often need a great amount of support and coaching.

We offer the families and friends of addicts in our treatment programmes a Dedicated Carers Helpline.

Addictions UK employs staff who have had their own experience as "carers" The support of the carers is carried out by different member of staff to those working with addicts. To ensure strict confidentiality, no information is exchanged between the respective teams.

Friends and families are encouraged to attend support groups, depending on their beliefs and circumstances. Some family members have enjoyed a great deal of support from Families Anonymous ( and Al-Anon ( ) or groups in their own localities.

Please call us on 0300 330 30 40 or use our contacts form to ask for more information.

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A Mother's Story

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Video: Helping the Families of Addicts

How does Addictions UK help the family members of recovering addicts?

" When I contacted Addictions UK I finally found someone

who really understands what it's like to live with an alcoholic. "

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